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All Questions And Answers Asked About Puff Bar

Posted on2 Years ago

What is the Puff Bar?

Puff Bar is a disposable pod device with 1.3 ml e-liquid and 280 mAh battery capacity.
It has special flavors produced with nicotine salt and nicotine level options in the range of 2-5%.
The Puff Bar is a light, portable and compact device, and it is thrown into recycling bins at the end of use.

 What Are Puff Bar Models?The Puff Bar is available in different sizes.
These; Puff Bar (1.3 ml standard), Puff Bar Plus (3.2 ml), Puff Bar XXL (6.5 ml), Puff Bar Flow (6.5 ml)

How to use the Puff Bar?

Puff Bar is very simple to use. All you have to do is take it out of the box and start Puffing.
Thanks to the mechanism that will activate with your drag, you do not need to press any buttons.
Take a mouthful, hold for 3-5 seconds, then let go, that's all.

How many days can I use the Puff Bar?

Puff Bar usage time and number of days vary depending on the usage. The Puff Bar provides an average of over 300 puffs.
That means more than 20 cigarettes. With an average use, it will meet your nicotine needs for 2-3 days.

 Can the Puff Bar be filled?

Puff Bar is a disposable pod device and it is not refilled.
For health and safety reasons, please do not attempt to open and refill your Puff Bar disposable device.
In order to maintain product quality, the Puff Bar is not suitable for refilling or reuse.

 What are the Puff Bar flavoring options?

There are over 24 aroma options in Puff Bar.
New ones are added to the flavor options every day.
For up-to-date flavors, visit the Puff Bar Products page of our site.

 What are the Puff Bar nicotine ratio options?

You can choose Puff Bar nicotine ratios from the options produced with 20 mg (2%) and 50 mg (5%) Salt Nicotine (Nicotine Salt).

 How many aroma types are there in Puff Bar?

Puff Bar constantly renews and develops a variety of flavors for you. Currently, there are over 24 aroma types.

 How many pod cartridges does the Puff Bar provide for equal use?

Puff bar has 1.3 ml e-liquid capacity. 2 pod cartridges with an average of 0.7 ml are equal to the use of 1 Puff Bar.
Moreover, you use a new device every time in the Puff Bar and you do not pay extra for the device.

 To which countries do you deliver Puff Bar orders by cargo?

Your Puff Bar orders are sent to all European countries by cargo.


When will my order be sent with which cargo?

Your cargo is delivered to the cargo company to be delivered to you on the day you place your order.
The possible delivery date takes 1-2 days depending on the working speed of the cargo company.


What payment methods can I use when ordering a Puff Bar?

When placing your order, you can use Paypal, Stripe and Credit Card payment methods through PUFFBAR.EU

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